My name is Rebecca and I’ve had Alopecia Areata for the majority of my life. I was diagnosed at an early age and kept it hidden for a long time. I am now vocal about my journey in hopes to encourage, support, and educate others.

I’m currently working towards a Masters degree, and working full time in the E-commerce field. I enjoy pushing myself to achieve more in life not to become rich and famous, but to show that a stupid autoimmune disease, depression, and dyslexia should never stop someone from being super awesome.

When I’m not working on my site, homework, or at work, I enjoy really nerdy things like table top games, playing video games on my awesome PC, and paint miniatures.

Thank you for visiting My Bald Perspective, and seeing parts of my life that have made me the person I am today, and the ups and downs that help me become the best version of myself. If you would like to help support the website and Alopecia research you can donate via PayPal here!